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Objective TI Research (OTIR)
2 min readJan 26, 2023


OTIR (Objective Targeted Individuals Research) is a group founded to conduct research and assessment of the gangstalking, hearing voices and other aspects & manifestations of Targeted Individual phenomenon. We dedicate our collective effort to research, hoping to advance our understanding and accomplish our goals.

Our goals are:

  • to establish a reputable and credible think tank for TI community
  • to create an organized and functional collective of TIs and outside supporters
  • to develop & apply systemic methodology and outside the box approach in TI phenomenon research
  • to minimize harm to Targeted Individuals and others by providing knowledge and guidance
  • to gather data on TI cases, facts and their interpretations by TIs to create a factual base to our research
  • to research and analyze collected data to advance our understanding of the phenomenon
  • to prepare and publish research results, communicating them to TI community as well as to general population
  • to create an international TI communication framework to share data & research

We welcome anyone willing to join. If you are a TI, we encourage you to contact us on Discord so we can help you to understand what is going on and develop an optimal strategy to help you survive TI experience.

If you are not a TI but simply interested in learning more, do not hesitate to join as well, and even support us if possible. This phenomenon touches everyone so it is important to be aware of it, even if you don’t get directly affected.

If you are interested in collaboration or information, please browse any of those channels and subscribe to them:

P.S. This group is an evolution of previously existing group called PRAG (Phenomena Research & Assessment Group)



Objective TI Research (OTIR)

OTIR (Objective Targeted Individuals Research) is a group founded to conduct research of gangstalking and other aspects Targeted Individual phenomenon