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Objective TI Research (OTIR)
1 min readJul 16, 2023

The OTIR Leaflet Program is an initiative to produce and spread infographics about the TI phenomenon, containing explanations of the TI experience and its elements to both TIs and outsiders.

Goals of the program

  • to spread awareness of TI phenomenon in brief, easy to understand format
  • to reduce harm from actions of misinformed and misdirected TIs to themselves and others
  • to convey the accumulated knowledge and OTIR research to TIs to ease their life and help them to get out
  • popularize vision of OTIR and shift the narrative away from the harmful status quo
  • to promote OTIR by providing a recognizable and valuable material designed to be easily redistributed

Produced leaflets intended to be visually appealing and professionally done, consistent in design and minimalistic to be easily comprehended even in a condition of distress.

Each leaflet is consistently color-coded in following manner:

  • GREEN: Information for outsiders (non-TIs) about TIs and the phenomenon
  • RED: Explanations for TIs about their experience and answers to popular questions
  • BLACK: Advanced information for long term TIs who are less likely to misinterpret it

RED leaflets are the first series to be produced.

First leaflet (RED 1) has received support from the audience and serves as template for the next ones.

Published leaflets

Red series: RED-1



Objective TI Research (OTIR)

OTIR (Objective Targeted Individuals Research) is a group founded to conduct research of gangstalking and other aspects Targeted Individual phenomenon