MEMO-06: TI experience correlation with demonic possession

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Compilation by Christian, OTIR member

Editing by Archibald Ludendorf

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Targeted Individuals, living in the 21st century, experience modernized, updated and culturally-appropriate versions of what exorcists call “secondary signs” of demonic possession.

In other words, acts of bodily torture which nowadays are often attributed to various technological factors, were well known throughout history, studied and formed into patterns that experienced exorcists easily recognize.

This memo cites Dominion: The Nature of Diabolic Warfare by Fr. Chad Ripperger, pp 374–380.

In the following material, we give terms such as “demon”, “God” etc in quotes because we cannot be 100% assured that attributing the effects to those entities is correct. In the scope of this material, we are only interested in describing the effects themselves, not interpretations — A.L.

Secondary signs of demonic possession include:

Conditional signs

  1. A shift in dreaming patterns, which become very lucid and follow a story arc. They will leave the individual exhausted upon awakening or in a state of agitation
  2. Chronic insomnia, where the person cannot sleep because of exhaustion, or when he tries to sleep, suffers from agitation and scurrility, in which he cannot seem to lay still
  3. Blocked sleep or episodic insomnia caused by racing thoughts. “Due to the fact that demons can act upon the body, they can also cause semi vigilance so that the person does not have sufficient reflection to be able to stop his thoughts in such a manner so that he can fall asleep”
  4. Exhaustion
  5. Varying states of tension
  6. Sickness
  7. Distressing symptoms of nausea — vomiting, aerophagia, aerocolia (aka flatulence); deferred tongue and foul breath
  8. Distention of the stomach; “strong pains to the head and stomach, only at certain moments of the day or days of the week, although studies at clinics turn up no cause. Great difficulties in digesting food, although one’s stomach experiences no illness… Some have a great vomiting from their stomachs. Many feel acute pain in their guts. The stomach of some becomes forcibly inflated. Feeling a sensation as if something is moving in the entrance of the stomach“
  9. Digestive dysfunctions; “the actions of the entrails which are normally unnoticed in healthy bodies, here cause the sensations of great pain and anguish, further aggravated by irritations of the skin and mucous membrane. The victim explains his anguish by the presence of an animal or a devil which if constantly moving inside his stomach, biting, pinching, burning, torturing him in every possible way”
  10. Throat block; “a feeling of something in the throat that goes up and down”
  11. Convulsions, twitches
  12. Cramps
  13. Swelling
  14. Fluctuation in body temperatures. “Sudden feeling of cold or hot wind which passes through the body or just the arms or the kidneys”
  15. Pain in various parts of the body which may begin and end abruptly
  16. Brief headaches, fewer, dizziness; “the list of his sufferings is completed by dizziness, headaches…some are afflicted with violent fever and headache, and their whole body is weakened and in pain; but all these symptoms last a very little while, since a conjuration takes away the power of the demon”
  17. Bone pain / discomfort; “feelings in the bones as if they are squashed”
  18. Rapid or irregular heart palpitations; “this is a sign of the demons’ anxiety as many of the physical secondary signs are actual signs of the psychological condition of anxiety. It is possible for a person who is possessed to suffer from various physiological symptoms of psychological conditions, while at the same time not actually experiencing the psychological condition itself”
  19. Illness; “abundantly clear that the devil can generate illnesses without bringing about the more typical signs of possession”
  20. Inability to heal from ordinary/minor physical wounds or illnesses, immune deficiency
  21. Bumps, cysts, other protrusions appearing and disappearing. “Malignant tumors which doctors have diagnosed to be untreatable which disappear after a blessing or prayers of liberation.”
  22. Migrating pain; “a feeling that the suffering is moving from one side of the body to the other”
  23. Endocrine problems causing hormone imbalance, especially in women
  24. Blockage of getting pregnant
  25. Miscarriage
  26. Minor forms of morphing in which the person’s complexion or physiological characteristics change but not to such a degree that it is preternatural

Behavioral signs

  1. Physical or emotional delight beyond what other humans are capable of causing, since demons can cause any emotion; allegedly, to drive attachments either to the demon himself or to maintain control over the afflicted
  2. Falsified ecstasy, imaginative visions, feeling taken outside of the body to a place of great delight
  3. Insensibility to pain; “…cold and frigidity are accompanied by an insensibility to pain: the state of possession, the subjects can be burned or pinched without complaint, making the least movement or change in color”
  4. Dislocation of bones or back, sometimes accompanied by an immediate retraction
  5. Attacks in, distention of, or swelling in the throat area, including the tongue, sometimes accompanied by a feeling of choking or suffocation; “If the demon rises as far as the throat and causes it to swell, and brings on a dry cough”; “in some the throat is constricted, they feel strangled”
  6. Medicines having no effect or even contrary effects when the illness is treated; “for example, no medicines will treat these headaches or stomach aches; tranquilizers cause greater distress”
  7. Drastic changes in eating habits, which include everything from being blocked from eating or suppression of appetite to such a degree that the person virtually never eats, or “eating or sleeping in unnaturally large quantities”; “abstinence from food and drink for seven or more days is a powerful sign”
  8. False epileptic seizures, sometimes in the form of a trance; “these occur in two forms, the first, a grand mal. The second, a petite mal. In both cases, there will be a lack of EEG signs, if the person is able to be tested while this is occurring.”

Interactive signs

  1. Various sensations which seem to have some exterior cause, such as violent pains in the nape of the neck or the spine
  2. Seeing or feeling things that appear invisible to others; “further, it could happen that one feels touched by an invisible hand.”
  3. Interior squeezing; “constringere”
  4. Hearing of voices, by one of three causes:
    i. Auditory hallucination as the result of a psychiatric problem (apparently, the voices that do not pose as “demons” or other supernatural force are referred here — A.L.)
    ii. Preternatural cause whereas the demons are the presumed cause.
    These voices will take different forms:
    ii.a. Sometimes heard outside of the body
    ii.b. Sometimes inside of the individual
    ii.c. In the imagination
    ii.d. In the ear, which appears to be outside of the individual
    ii.e. There may simply be one voice, usually male, reflecting the possessing demon’s characteristics in some fashion
    ii.f. Voices may be multiple, as in more than one demon, and the afflicted is hearing communication between them
    ii.g. Voices may be communication between the “demon” and the “saints” or “God”
    ii.h. Garbled voices that make no linguistic sense, in any language
    ii.i. Languages not spoken by the afflicted, but they can still either communicate what was said or will understand the content but not the words themselves
    iii. Supernatural cause with “God” or “saints” communicating with the individual directly
  5. Lacerations
  6. Active actions of the “demon” which make person feel as being assaulted physically with:
    i. Cuts
    ii. Burning
    iii. Scratches
    iv. Stabbing
    v. Bites
    vi. Beating by sticks
    vii. Strikes that leave blue marks
    viii. Swellings and painful bleeding
    ix. Fractures of bones
    x. Incisions in the skin of letters or words that will be apparent for some time but then disappear (even more substantial in the lives of the Saints)
  7. Feeling sexually assaulted, either awake or when asleep
  8. Manifesting through the individual while asleep in a manner that appears diabolic (i.e. violence while sleepwalking or other dangerous hypnotic behaviors)
  9. The stigmata and all other kinds of bodily extraordinary phenomena, and any phenomena dealing with physical objects, such as crowns (pulsing ring on the head or “crown of thorns”), rings, etc. When the appearance of these is such that it is beyond what a human being is capable of causing, it can be a primary sign of possession. However, it is considered a secondary sign of possession


The phenomena described is for the most part well known to the modern TIs. For some reason it seems more “rational” for many TIs to forego the accumulated experience and knowledge of the past and explain the ongoing ancient phenomenon with the modern technology, which was not present in the past — however, all the effects allegedly caused by the “satellites” and “DEWs” were apparently well known and present.

This again gives us reason to revisit the narrative propagated by most prominent TI influencers and the phenomenon itself. We already raised these questions in our first report and they still stand mostly ignored and unanswered.

To understand the TI phenomenon, look beyond personal experience and toward the bigger picture. Seek the answers in patterns between the different experiences and look past the false leads thrown your way, and you will certainly find the answer.

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