MEMO-05: Stages of understanding in TI experience

Objective TI Research (OTIR)
8 min readJul 30, 2023


Author: Archibald Ludendorf (OTIR Lead researcher)

At OTIR, we discovered a progression of understanding the TI phenomenon by the individual as time goes and he gets more and more data and experience.

There are at least 6 distinct stages of narrative, consecutively changing, each with its own characteristics.

It does not necessarily start at level one, and does not necessarily end at level six for the individual, but in general this is a stable pattern.

From each level, the next one seems to be ridiculous until the critical mass of contradictions to the current view is collected. These contradictions make the current understanding unsatisfactory and can only be explained by the next level of understanding. Without being ready, TI will resist moving to the more advanced stage as it will seem unreasonable to him, being even more contradictory in his eyes than the current view.

Given how hard it is to move to the next stage, jumping stages is even harder but not unheard of.

Stage 1: Individuals

Core belief: Individual person (a neighbor, an ex, a family member or rival) harassing TI for personal reasons, spreading rumors against him and using his personal resources and connections to ruin his life.

Blockers (what keeps TI in this stage):

  • “Origin event” associated with the start of harassment and initial narrative forming an impression of a singular perpetrator
  • General inexperience with TI phenomenon and lack of comparison to other TI stories, having only limited personal experience. May be even the lack of knowledge of TI phenomenon whatsoever

Contradictions (what can move TI to the next stage):

  • Accumulated experience going beyond reasonably possible for a single perpetrator (especially v2k experience) in terms of resources, effort, technology
  • Progression of narrative given by perpetrators (events and hints than force TI to see the bigger picture)
  • Realization that there are similar experiences besides his own, comparing experiences

At transit between stage 1 and 2 TI often believes that while he is being harassed by a certain individual, that individual perpetrator is using resources of the larger group under false pretense or by hiring them.

Stage 2: Collectives

Core belief: Collectives (neighborhood watch, police, mafia, freemasons, illuminati, or similar) harassing the TI, violating the law for profit, entertainment or grudge.


  • Understanding that TI is insignificant to be of interest to the government
  • Personal experience, especially origin event, heavily pointing to known or suspected members of a certain group
  • Inability or unwillingness to see the similarity of own experience with the rest of TIs, holding to “my experience is unique” fallacy


  • Amount of TIs and the global scale of the phenomenon
  • Similar patterns of TI experience cases, indicating the standardized procedure
  • Futility of the harassment compared to any possible gain, making it a huge loss for any organization to conduct it
  • Better possible use for the tech presumably used to pointlessly harass the TI instead of obtaining a huge gain or any other practical purpose
  • Government being extremely protective over anything remotely weaponized yet allegedly allowing free and uncontrolled usage of something more dangerous than an atomic bomb
  • Narrative shift by the phenomenon itself, giving more and more clues or even direct claims that they are the government organization

At transit between stage 2 and 3 TI often believes that while he is being harassed by some collective not affiliated by the government, they use tech obtained from the government via corruption or due to being also subcontracted by the government.

Stage 3: The government

Core belief: Organizations with advanced tech or AI are doing it, like the government agencies, Illuminati, or freemasons, likely to control people and experiment.


  • Being invested in hating people and likely acting against them, “hate inertia”
  • Bear of admitting being unjust to all these people and having to make amends to them
  • Fear of losing the familiar explanation of the harassment and finding oneself in the uncertainty again
  • Fear of losing “rational” approach and being seen as mentally ill, finding himself ridiculed even by the fellow TIs
  • Pressure of echo chamber of TI communities who parrot each other’s narrative with certainty and shun alternative views
  • Overabundance of information in Internet covering almost exclusively this narrative
  • Existence of patents and devices that look like they can create effects similar to what TI experiences
  • History of the inhumane experiments like MKULTRA done by the government before
  • Fear of being misled by perpetrators and being used to discredit TIs
  • Refusal to admit the existence of supernatural due to personal or social beliefs & stereotypes


  • The fact that the narrative is pushed by the perpetrators themselves
  • TI not presenting any threat to the government or not even being political
  • The whole operation being overt instead of covert
  • TI being stimulated to publish their experience instead of hiding it
  • Timeframe of TI experience, with well documented accounts going back as far as 1790s
  • Other contradictions from OTIR report #1
  • TI becomes aware of the “override” nature of gangstalking (understand that people he believed to be agents were controlled without their own awareness)
  • Recognition that TI was controlled his whole life
  • Experience of UFO or supernatural close encounters, personal or from other TIs in form of patterns

At transit between stages 3 and 4, TI often believes that the government is either using supernatural powers / entities to conduct the harassment, or possesses ancient occult knowledge or technology that is parallel to our technological tree.

Stage 4: Paranormal negative entities

Core belief: Paranormal negative entities (demons, aliens, or evil spirits and so on) executing the harassment for nefarious purposes, for example feeding off from soul energy or trying to torture and corrupt TI’s soul.


  • TI experience is overwhelmingly negative
  • TI suffered heavy and irreversible losses from TI experience
  • TI’s personal philosophy and belief does not allow the idea that anything but negative power could have been causing this much pain


  • TI becomes aware of ex-TIs and the ex-TI pattern
  • TI becomes aware of the goals of TI experience
  • TI recognizes ex-TI pattern changes in himself, fully or partially
  • TI starts to notice the “blessing in disguise” effects personally
  • TI starts to observe positive synchronicities and begins to recognize them in retrospective
  • Recognition of “tough love” pattern
  • Analysis and experience that lead to recognition of reverse psychology tactics

At transit between stages 4 and 5, TI often believes that there is a battle between “good” and “bad” entities, with bad ones controlling the status quo but the good ones fighting them for it, aiming to save TIs (and precisely the TI in question) but yet unable to do it.

Stage 5: Paranormal positive entities

Core belief: Paranormal positive entities (ancestor spirits, angels, positive aliens, god) affects TI to force him into changing to a better, stronger person using reverse psychology and traumatic experience.


  • Bliss of having a positive outlook on the situation for a change, and unwillingness to lose it
  • Tendency to still attribute bad parts of the experience either to bad actors (Satan etc) or to accidents / oversight rather than to intent
  • Refusal to look at TI experience beyond the scope of the current life


  • TI deaths (suicides or of old age, sickness, etc) mid-experience
  • Years, sometimes decades stolen from TIs by the psychological manipulations and misleadings
  • Realization that failures and shortcomings of the early life were just as engineered and TI experience synchronicities
  • Extended elements of TI experience (Near Death Experience, Pre Birth Experience, Reincarnation)
  • Acquired knowledge of Gnostic theory
  • Understanding that this world is a correctional facility
  • Realization that the existence’s main objective is not goodness and sacrificiality but balance and learning lessons; observations of unlearned lessons keeping coming back stronger

At transit between stages 5 and 6, TI may believe that the good entities are compromised by the bad ones that are still present yet not in control of the situation.

Stage 6: Morally gray control system

Core belief: A morally gray collective of paranormal entities, acting as wardens / controllers above our civilization, including the reincarnation process, is conducting TI experience as a direct intervention into TI life, with the goal of shaping his spirit to some standard that allows this spirit to be released from the chain of forced reincarnations.


  • Knowledge of the true nature of this world and how his experience is a manifestation of it
  • Inner balance and loss of both grief and pink shades
  • Realization that there are no “good and bad” sides but only masks and roles worn by the members of highly coordinated and unified collective


  • At this point contradictions are minor and tend to self-absorb into the view, as they are more emotionally than logically driven. TI can be unwilling to accept this reality, especially because he still has to exist within the confinement and pay rent & taxes while possessing the knowledge of the true nature of the world. With time, this emotional resistance dies down, especially if TI exits the experience by this time and starts to receive boons of the ex-TI phase.

There is a distinct separation between levels 3 and 4. Level 3 is the last one where TI blames the society and people around him for the harassment. Moving to level 4 allows TI to finally start integrating back into society, embracing people and rebuilding his life, and most importantly, not being afraid of people anymore.

Therefore the threshold between levels 3 and 4 is the most important line to cross in one’s TI experience, and it is the most difficult stage transit. It is no wonder that most of TIs are firm inhabitants of stage 3.

However, moving between stages can be quite helpful because the shift of perspective is absolutely required for ending the TI experience, as we discussed in OTIR Report #3. Without this shift, TI gets stuck in the experience, which can last for quite a long time, resulting in wasted years or even decades of life, running in circles instead of going through the open door.

It is also worth noting that the shift between the stages might be not linear but oscillating with slips to the previous stage or even back and forth if TI’s view is not well formed.

Thank you for reading. Even if some stages of this document likely seemed to be unreasonable to you, we expect the reasonable reader to look back at his experience and compare it with the patterns described here.

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